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Job title Name Tel E-mail
Secretary director Won-Gi No 062-611-3610 wgno57@visitgwangju.kr

Convention Marketing team


  • Job Introduction · Attracting MICE (intergovernmental meeting, renewable energy, medicine, information communication, tourism & traffic) and MICE support
Job title Name Tel E-mail
Team Leader Jung-Sook Jung 062-611-3620 jeong@visitgwangju.kr
Junior Manager Ae-Sun Lee 062-611-3623 aeseon@visitgwangju.kr
Junior Manager Ji-Woo Kim 062-611-3622 jiwoo@visitgwangju.kr
Staff Yun-Jung Oh 062-611-3623 yunjung@visitgwangju.kr

Brand Strategy team


  • Job Introduction · Locally specialized convention, Brand convention, MICE Alliance, MICE Supporters, MICE City promotion and Marketing
Job title Name Tel E-mail
Team Leader Jung-Sook Jung 062-611-3620 jeong@visitgwangju.kr
Senior Manager Han-Nae Kim 062-611-3621 han@visitgwangju.kr
Junior Manager So-Hee Moon 062-611-3641 sohees@visitgwangju.kr

Tourism Marketing team


  • Job Introduction · International youth exchange project, development of tourist products for overseas visitors from Chinese, Japanese, English, improvement of infrastructure, support of K-culture business and promotion of on-off-line tourist destination in Gwangju
Job title Name Tel E-mail
Team Leader Ji-Hee Kim 062-611-3640 kimjihee@visitgwangju.kr
Junior Manager Hye Ran Kim 062-611-3633 hyeran508@hanmail.net
Junior Manager Hwui-Won Kim 062-611-3624 wewon@visitgwangju.kr
Staff Ga-Joo Jung 062-611-3635 gaju@visitgwangju.kr
Staff Min-Ha Ham 062-611-3634 minha@visitgwangju.kr
Staff Yeon Bok Wi 062-611-3614 wi92@visitgwangju.kr

MICE Management team

  • Job introduction · Corporate organization management, management strategy establishment and personnel, budget, accounting, general affairs
Job title Name Tel E-mail
Team Leader Ji Sun Choi 062-611-3611 jsfrom@visitgwangju.kr
Junior Manager Min Jung Kim 062-611-3613 mint@visitgwangju.kr
Staff Ye-chan Moon 062-611-3614 myc@visitgwangju.kr