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Introduction of brand strategy team

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  • Fostering and supporting sustainable international events in the region
    • Region-specific conventions (Optical Convergence Technology Conference, Asia Culture Forum, Bigspore International Conference)
    • Brand convention (International Advanced Automotive Technology Conference)
  • Establishment of MICE statistical system in Gwangju
    • Establishment of basic statistical data through understanding the present status of Gwangju MICE event and investigation of visitor expenditure
  • Gwangju MICE Alliance (Gwangju & Partners) operation
    • Establishment of regional councils and cooperation projects including accommodation, food, transportation, culture and arts, policies, etc.
  • Culture center MICE · Tourist destination Gwangju promotion
    • Regular e-newsletter publication
    • Distribution of press releases to domestic and foreign media
    • Introducing Gwangju event information and tourism infrastructure for MICE specialized media and tourist magazines