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Support Case : Administrative and financial support for hosted event in Gwangju

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2017 ACLAB (Asian Conference on Lactic Acid Bacteria): 500 people in 10 countries (200 foreigners)

Step 1. Invitation support: Co-participation of ACLAB Indonesia in 2015 Korea (Gwangju) confirmed
Step 2. Promotion support: Joint participation in similar competition (2016 Asian Lactobacillus Korea Symposium) and Gwangju PR booth operation and event homepage support
Step 3. Holding financial / in-kind support: financial support and in-kind support (operating tourism programs, cultural performances, cultural events)
Step 4. Administrative support: Incheon airport concierge desk (Operator resident)

Gwangju PR Desk (Operational resident, Gwangju coupon book, Gwangju souvenir distribution etc.)
Support for the preparation of the event (Gwangju field trip)
Estimation consultation and reservation support for participants' accommodation place
Supporting the meeting place (Kimdaejung Convention Center) and unique venue (Ogaheon)
Gwangju Infrastructure Data Delivery for Korean and English (Homepage contents update)

On-site event support

Tea ceremony Program operation

Support for unique venue

Homepage production support

List of international conferences held in Gwangju

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  • 2019 SABRAO (Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania) ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_6)
  • 2018 JPC1 / SC29 / WGs International Conference
  • 2018 Korea-Japan Otorhinolaryngology International Conference
  • 2018 Asia Pacific Knee Society
  • 2017 GPVC (Global Photovoltaic Conference) ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_38)
  • 2017 ACLAB (Asian Conference on Lactic Acid Bacteria) ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_41)
  • 2017 ICAT (International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology) ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_41)
  • 2017 GICS (Gwangju International Interventional Cardiology Symposium) ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_40)
  • 2017 ASBDA (Asia Society of Basic Design & Art)
  • BIXPO 2017 International New Technology Conference ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_30)
  • 2017 ADeKo (Joint Korean-German Conference) ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_34)
  • 2017 Korea, China and Japan CES Symposium
  • 2017 Korean Chemical Society 120th General Meeting, Conference and Equipment Exhibition
  • 2017 Asian Culture Forum
  • 2017 World Human Rights City Forum (Vol_24)
  • 2016 AILA East Asia Conference ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_26)
  • The 7th ASEM Culture Ministerial Meeting ** Click on the newsletter (Vol_22)
  • 2016 ISE (International Society of Electrochemistry) Spring Conference (Vol_14)