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Attendance supporting case : Support for confirmation of attracting Korea (Gwangju) *** Review integration for bidding success

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ISEA2019 (International Symposium on Electronic Arts) : 1,000 people in 30 countries (500 foreigners)

Step 1. International headquarters contact, promote Korea (Gwangju)
Step 2. Domestic cooperation promotion agency meeting and confirmation for joint promotion of Gwangju
Step 3. Invitation of decision makers to host the international headquarters
Step 4. Participation in advanced exhibition marketing, pre-negotiation (participation in ISEA2015 Canada)
Step 5. Meetings and proposals, PT, video production
Step 6. Presentation of ISEA2019 Invitation biding participation (ISEA2016 Hong Kong Competition)
Step 7. Submit the final proposal
Step 8. Confirmation of Korea (Gwangju)

참가 사전 유치마케팅

Participation in ISEA2015 advanced marketing

국제본부 유치미팅

International Headquarters Meetings

광주대회 홍보물 제작지원

Gwangju Convention Promotion Participation Support

유치비딩 참가

Bidding Participation (PT Presentation)

IADMFR 2021 (World Video Imaging Society): 500 people in 30 countries (200-250 foreigners)

Step 1. Suggestion to organize group in Gwangju
Step 2. Preparation of domestic venue in Gwangju
Step 3. Exhibition (preparation for IADMFR 2015 Chile competition) and participation pre-launch marketing (Gwangju PR booth operation etc.)
Step 4. Support for exploring the MICE infrastructure of Gwangju for host organizations
Step 5. Produce proposal, invitation PT
Step 6. Participation in IADMFR 2017 bid bidding, publicity booth in Gwangju and cultural event
Step 7. Confirmation of the venue in Korea (Gwangju)

문화이벤트 개최

Participation in cultural events

유치비딩 참가

invitation bids (PT announcements, etc.)

광주 홍보부스 운영

Gwangju PR booth operation

제안서 제작

Proposal creation