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Promotion support case : support for increase of participants after successful bid for Gwangju

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2019 SABRAO (Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania): 1,000 people in 10 countries (200 foreigners)

Step 1. Attendance support: joint participation Korea (Gwangju) confirmation for 2015 SABRAO Indonesia competition (booth operation, cultural event holding)
Step 2. Promoting on-line / off-line after confirming the holding of Gwangju (press release preparation and distribution)
Step 3. Deciding where to hold the tour and providing consultation (Kimdaejung Convention Center, Asian Culture Complex, Ogaheon and etc.)
Step 4. Joint participation in the other similar Gwangju Convention Booth (2016 World Congress of Crop Science)
Step 5. Supporting the production of the Gwangju Competition Website (in progress)

유치비딩 참가 지원

Participation in bidding Participation

온‧오프라인 홍보활동

on-line and off-line Promotion activities

유사대회 참가

Participating similar events
(Gwangju convention booth operation)

홍보물 제작 지원

Support for production of publicity materials