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Mudeung Mountain has a total area of 75,425k㎡, 1,187m above sea level, located in Gwangju, Damyang and Hwasun. The Mudeung Mountain, called as the mountain of Gwangju’s mother, was designated as National Park No. 21 in March 2013. It is said to have a total of 2,296 species of flora and fauna, including eight kinds of endangered species such as otter, vertebrate, and etc. And boasts 61 natural scenic spots including Seoseokdae and Ipseokdae.

Asian cultural exchange and window of contents. There are a variety of cultural facilities including Asia’s largest multi-cultural arts organization, such as Democracy Peace Exchange, Cultural Intelligence Service, Culture Creation Center, Arts Theater, Children’s Cultural Center, Sky Park, Rooftop Park and Asian Creative Studio. You can enjoy creating, experiencing and enjoying the unique culture of the Asian Culture Complex.
The birthplace of Christian missionary in Gwangju is home to many missionary cultural heritages such as a house of Woo Il Sun and a 400-year-old Yangnim-dong horned holly tree. In addition to the Buddhist statue, Lee Jang Woo House and Choi Seung Hyo House are designated as local folk cultural assets. It is a place where many cultural assets are preserved.
The ‘villa’, the night market of Daein Market, transformed into a culture and arts market, has become a national specialty. The villa, which is open every Saturday, is naturally melted in the market, as well as artists’ workshops and murals and sculptures. It is the hot place of Gwangju where you can feel the flesh of the bustling market and the sensibility of the artists at once.
The village of Daldongne Balsan, the representative city of Jeolla-do, Gwangju, where the war refugees gathered, was a village where the textile factory was in the neighborhood in the 70s and 80s and also was once filled with vitality. The old alleys are starting to change and create new color art project and various public design, as it becomes an alleyway to walk and memories together.