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Introduction of Tourism Marketing Team

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The tourism marketing team,

Gwangju Tourism Convention Visitors Bureau promotes the tourism and cultural infrastructure of Gwangju and Jeonnam such as interpreters for overseas tourists, incentive tourism, overseas youth culture exchange activities, and SNS supporters of Korean and Chinese university students. We will provide you with various items to help you become an industrial city centered on international tourism.
The tourism marketing team of the Gwangju Convention Visitors Bureau will make you an unforgettable memory.

Job Title Name Tel E-mail
Team leader Ji-Hee Kim 062-611-3640 kimjihee@visitgwangju.kr
Junior Manager So-Hee Moon 062-611-3641 sohees@visitgwangju.kr
Junior Manager Hye Ran Kim 062-611-3633 hyeran508@visitgwangju.kr
Staff Min-Ha Ham 062-611-3632 minha@visitgwangju.kr
Chinese International Student Promotion Committee Operation PM Kyung-Woon Moon 062-611-3633 ruddns264@naver.com
PM for cultural tourism experience and business operation Yun Bong Hyo 062-611-3636 hyoon610@visitgwangju.kr
PM for cultural tourism experience and business operation Young-long Kim 062-611-3637 kimyr214@visitgwangju.kr